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Help A Grampy Out On Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day

The Grandkids Need a New Pair of Shoes

Actually, Favorite Grampy is more into buying them soda, ice cream and toys rather than something they need. They have parents for that.  Favorite Grampy is the fun one.

Amazon Prime Day comes around every July. What does that mean? That means I can spend all of Grammy’s money on that day and buy the grandkids all kinds of fun stuff so that I can keep my position as Favorite Grampy.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is a bargain shoppers dream come true.  During this day and a half sales event, Amazon Prime members can shop for all kinds of bargains as Amazon clears out their warehouses and put tons of stuff on sale. I’m talking hundreds of thousands of deals.  New deals pop up every few minutes.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is scheduled for two days in July.

Favorite Grampy Has Grammy’s Credit Card

When Prime Day comes Favorite Grampy will be shopping for the best prices on electronics and toys for the grandkids!

My 2 year old grandson’s first word was Echo. He runs around yelling “Echo, Echo, Echo.” He has an Amazon Echo device in his bedroom to play music from Amazon Prime Music. I think I will pick up a few more Echos to put around the house.

I also think I will pick up a Fire TV to hook up to the TV I put in the kids bedroom at Favorite Grampy’s house. All little kids should have a television in their bedrooms. Right now only the Sony PlayStation is hooked up to the TV. I need to up my game.
Grammy’s credit card will be getting a workout today.

Help a Favorite Grampy

Now buying gifts can get very expensive when you times that by all the grandchildren. Favorite Grampy loves Grammy so I don’t want to have Grammy mow extra lawns in the neighborhood to help her pay for the credit card bill I ran up for her grandchildren.

If you were going to take advantage of the deals Amazon has going on on Prime Day anyway, could you please use my Amazon affiliate link? It doesn’t cost you any extra but Amazon gives me a little bit that will help offset the cost of all the things I just have to buy the grandkids.

Click any Amazon link on this page and do your shopping as normal. You don’t have to buy that product you clicked, the fact that you click on the link to get to Amazon is what matters. Amazon will then send me a small commission to help pay Visa.

Try Amazon Prime for Free

Not a Prime member? No problem!

Currently, Amazon is letting you try Prime free for 30 days. You can cancel anytime.

Manny Oliverez

Unlike a Mommy Blog, my Grampy Blog is aimed at helping you spoil your grandchildren. I won’t talk about the kids getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, or saving money. On the contrary, I will share our adventures on staying up late, eating donuts and soda for dinner, and spending money on things they don’t need makes me the…Favorite Grampy.

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