You Have Heard of Mommy Blogs Well Now There is a Grandpa Blog and It's Awesome


Unlike a Mommy Blog, my Grampy Blog is aimed at helping you spoil your grandchildren. 
I won't talk about the kids getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, or saving money. On the contrary, I will share our adventures on staying up late, eating donuts and soda for dinner, and spending money on things they don't need makes me the...

Favorite Grampy

I had to play keep-a-way or my granddaughter would eat my ribs.

As I was stepping on to Space Mountain the kid had to poop. No!!!

Can you believe there is an ATM Cupcake Machine at Disney World?

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Manny Oliverez - Favorite Grampy

Manny Oliverez

My Favorite Grampy

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There are a lot of Mommy Blogs out on the web but Grandpa Blogs are all but non-existent. So I started the Favorite Grampy Blog to chronicle our adventures, travels, food and just plain how to spoil grandchild.  

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You won't believe what this 1 year old did after being fed nothing but Skittles for 72 hours...!

Favorite Grampy
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Top 12 ways to be more popular than boring old grandma!

Favorite Grampy