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Disney World To Ban Wagons, Oversized Strollers, Smoking and Ice

Starting May 1, 2019 Disney World and Disneyland will be banning wagon strollers, all smoking inside the parks, and loose ice as their list of prohibited items grows. STROLLERS Disney has always banned regular wagons that are pulled. Stroller wagons like the Keenz Stroller have been allowed since they were pushed and are a certified […]

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Rental Strollers for a Magical Ride

As you can imagine with 7 grandchildren, ranging in ages from 2 to 11 years old, we have to carry a lot of stuff on our trips to Walt Disney World. The space in our van was limited since there was 8 of us plus our luggage. Flying in with extra stuff is no fun either for the other four family members.With that many kids, we must have at least one double stroller, if not two. We even thought about renting a stroller every morning from each Disney park we visited but we quickly found out there were some major drawbacks when doing this. See what happened.

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